The Associated Press reports that a Wisconsin nurse has been charged with injuring infants at a local hospital. In Madison, the now former nurse was charged with abusing several infants in the ICU, including breaking their bones and leaving bruises on their bodies.

Christopher Kaphaem is facing a total of 19 felony child abuse charges involving nine infant victims. 18 of these charges each carry a maximum sentence of six years. The charge of intentional child abuse causing great bodily harm has a maximum of 25 years.

Investigators started looking into reports of injuries to the infants in February. The hospital had documented several injuries, including bruises, broken ribs, fractured skulls and broken legs. Kaphaem,  43, allegedly caused these injuries between March 2017 and February 2018. He became a prime suspect when they found that Kaphaem had cared for the injured babies.

The complaint stated that he would frequently close the door when going into an infant’s room, never asked for help and had even told someone that he liked working with infants because they couldn’t talk back.

There is no indication of a motive in the case or whether investigators ever interviewed Kaphaem.

Kaphaem was suspended from the hospital on February 8, and his license was suspended on March 19.

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