Earlier in the week, a new suspect was placed on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted List. Horrendous details about the suspect’s crime, which occurred on November 10th, were revealed to the public in the hopes that they could help law enforcement officers apprehend the criminal, Simon Dean Porter.

Porter, a 33-year-old resident of Lawrenceburg, was under investigation after medical examiners discovered that a 16-month-old child had been raped. Porter was the primary suspect in the crime, but he fled the state after realizing the police were hot on his trail. Tennessee Police released several photographs of the suspect to help the public identify him. It was apparent by the pictures that Porter had intentionally altered his appearance several times over the past few years.

The 16-month-old victim was severely injured by the attack. The child was brought to the Vanderbilt Medical Center, which is located in Nashville, for immediate treatment. The severity of his wounds was such that the child will suffer “permanent damage for the rest of his life” according to Lieutenant Blake Grooms from the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

The suspect was eventually discovered hiding out in Scottsboro, Alabama, but his attempt to escape was short lived. He was taken into police custody on the morning of November 18th as he was walking down Highway 79. He is temporarily being held at the Scottsboro City Jail while he awaits extradition back to Tennessee. After being transported, Porter will be held at the Jackson County Jail.