Horrific details are emerging in a South African court trail involving the death of a 7-month-old infant who was killed by his mother. Evelyn Jacobs, the infant’s mother, was reportedly told by Emmanuel Welcome, who is also being charged with this crime, that her precious baby was possessed by demons.

On October 12 of 2016, Jacobs visited Welcome’s shanty with her baby. Upon arrival, Welcome suggested that him and the mother beat the evil spirits out of the child’s body. Welcome allegedly picked up a Bible and struck the 7-month-old’s stomach. After the incident, the infant was in so much pain that he couldn’t sleep.

An anonymous witness claims that she tried to take the baby away from Jacobs and Welcome, but they refused. The witness attempted to take the baby in the middle of the night, but a tug-of-war ensued between the witness and Welcome. The beatings continued the next day. The witness claims Jacobs used a whip on the child which prompted her to leave the shanty in tears. Jacobs followed the witness and told her not to fret because the infant was “not human but a snake”.

On the third day of torture, the infant was placed into a bucket of cleaning agents and salt. Jacob’s removed the baby and found he was stiff and foaming at the mouth. The police were called, but the child passed away due to the brutal days leading up to the chemical bath.

This disturbing case has been postponed, and Jacobs has been denied bail. Prosecutors are determining whether this case should be transferred to a higher court. The mother has two additional children aged six and one who are in the care of her relatives. She has no contact with these children. A preliminary psychiatric report indicated she was fit to stand trial.