Kenleigh Prendergast was just arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a teenager. The suspect was previously working as a counselor at Spartanburg Day School before she admitted to having sex with the student. She was immediately fired and arrested for sexual battery.

According to investigators, the counselor’s inappropriate relationship began in January of this year. She had been communicating with one student beyond a student-counselor relationship through phone calls, Facetime chats and text messages. Eventually, the two met privately at both the suspect’s counseling practice and home. Police were notified that something suspicious may be going on between the 25-year-old and the teenager, so they began an investigation right away. Investigators interviewed the suspect who confessed to inappropriate contact with the teen.

Spartanburg Day School stated that the counselor had been hired as recently as August of 2017. She had not been employed with the school for a full school year before this incident. She was immediately fired to protect the students ranging from 3rd grade to 12th grade. The school district is encouraging students to cooperate with the Sheriff’s Office with any information regarding the counselor.

After confessing during a police interview, the counselor was arrested. She was taken to the Spartanburg County jail. Investigators do not believe there are any other victims related to this case. The suspect is being charged with sexual battery with a student with no aggravated force, and she will be unable to return to her job at the school.