One waitress from an Olive Garden in Kentucky is being praised after her quick thinking and intuitive nature led to her saving an infant from an abusive situation. The whole ordeal began while she was working and noticed some strange behavior by one family.

Jordan Cooper immediately noticed something strange when she began serving a couple and their two children. Their youngest child was seated in a high chair, but she had a blanket wrapped around her to cover most of her face. Cooper later reported that she instantly felt something was wrong.

She continued serving the couple, but that’s when she began noticing the way the father was treating the 20-month-old girl in the high chair. He was allegedly shoving breadsticks down the child’s throat and acting aggressively. He took the toddler to the men’s bathroom several times, but the waitress never saw him bring a diaper bag.

The waitress took a snapshot on her phone of the man and baby, and then noticed he was headed to the bathroom with the baby again. She became suspicious and asked him what he was doing. The blanket fell away from the baby’s face, and the waitress was horrified to see the toddler with black and blue bruises all over her.

Cooper reached out to 911 about the situation. The family immediately became suspicious, asked for their check, and fled from the restaurant. Later, she posted about the whole ordeal on Facebook and included a photograph of the suspected abuser.

Miles away, a 911 dispatcher saw the social media post and immediately recognized the family. He reached out to his local police department and asked them to conduct a well-check on the family in question.

Within another hour, police had located the family. Police confirmed that the toddler had bruises, and she was removed from the home. Both parents have been arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and neglect.