Elizabeth Bitner, a 28-year-old mother, was taken into police custody over the weekend when a neighbor contacted police about her suspicious behavior.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office first learned about an issue when a witness called 911. The witness reported hearing a small baby crying for an extended period of time at the suspect’s residence. The witness allegedly walked next door to investigate the situation and found the mother passed out on the front porch. She attempted to wake the woman, but she couldn’t get her conscious.

Responding police arrived and immediately noticed an empty wine box and a spray can of glue in plain sight near the passed-out suspect. Police discovered three children, all under five-years-old, within the home. They called the children’s father who reported the mother was conscious and alert when he left for work. Child protective services were called to further investigate the situation.

The mother was still unconscious when police arrived, but she woke up a short time later. She admitted to officers she was huffing glue. She also confessed to using fentanyl. Authorities wanted to bring the suspect to the hospital for a medical examination, but the mother became uncooperative when the suggestion was given. Authorities arrested the suspect and transported her to the hospital anyway. She reportedly became belligerent and yelled at multiple medical staff who were trying to help her.

The suspect faces at least three counts of child neglect and one count of disorderly conduct. It’s unclear whether she will face additional charges for her actions at the hospital.