Mikequera Randolph has been arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping after taking off with her daughter during what was supposed to be a supervised visit.

The mother was restricted from visiting her child, Royalty Wolf, except in public areas. On May 14th, she was scheduled to have a supervised visit with Royalty at the suspect’s mother’s home. An employee from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services was overseeing the visit and was responsible for the primary care of Royalty.

After about an hour and twenty minutes of visiting time, Randolph began cooking a meal. Smoke started to fill the residence from the cooking, so Randolph volunteered to take baby Royalty outside until the smoke cleared. According to the DCFS agent, the mother never returned with her child. After a few minutes, the agent stepped outside only to find the two missing. She promptly searched the area, notified police and filed for an arrest warrant for Randolph.

Investigators monitored the suspect’s social media account which led them to the suspect in Lawndale. They found the mom pushing baby Royalty in a stroller, so they approached her and began asking questions.

Reports indicate that Randolph intentionally mislead the officers and fed them false information. Next, the suspect hurled the stroller with baby Royalty inside towards the street as a distraction. She attempted to flee as officers rescued the child. Baby Royalty was transported to a local hospital for care because Randolph failed to properly care for a medical condition the baby suffers from.