Fairfax County Police have arrested 28-year-old Elizabeth Malone for attempting to murder her own five-year-old son. Astonishingly, the suspect committed this heinous crime on camera at a hospital, so it’s very unlikely she will get away without spending time behind bars.

Investigators report that the suspect brought her son to Inova Fairfax hospital on April 19th. The young boy was bleeding from his mouth and trach tube. The suspect told hospital staff and doctors that her son had ‘spontaneously’ started bleeding. Medical tests came back normal. As an isolated incident, doctors would probably not have been concerned, but hospital staff recognized the family. The five-year-old had been admitted to the hospital at least seven times since February. Two of these incidents involved bleeding. On April 23rd, Child Protective Services were alerted.

As an added precaution, a camera was installed in the youngster’s hospital room. At one point, the child experienced a medical emergency. Hospital staff were able to stabilize his condition, but they decided to review the camera tapes to see what had brought on the emergency.

Authorities were appalled when they reviewed the footage. The suspect can be seen stealing a syringe from a medical cart. She then removed the contents of the syringe and refilled it with an unknown substance. Astonishingly, the mother then put the syringe in the young boy’s mouth and nose. Moments later, hospital staff were alerted by his machines that he was suffering an emergency.

The mother has been arrested. She is facing charges including child abuse, child neglect and theft. She is being held without bond.