Aisha Thomas, a 29-year-old resident of Las Vegas, has been arrested after authorities uncovered a horrific crime.

On August 23, Aisha called 911 to report that her daughter had wondered away while the family was headed to the grocery store. At around 10 P.M., authorities initiated a widespread search for the little three-year-old girl. A few officers stayed behind at Aisha’s apartment to look for clues about the girl’s whereabouts. One of the officers noticed a “wet and moldy smell” emanating from the closet, so they decided to investigate.

Officers were stunned when they uncovered a duffle bag with the youngster’s body inside. The three-year-old was wrapped in white trash bags and clearly deceased. At that point, Aisha broke down and confessed.

She admitted that the youngster had woken up at around 2 A.M. She had wet her pants, and the sleep deprived mother was enraged. She admitted to striking her daughter in the head. The three-year-old crumpled to the floor and wouldn’t stop crying. The mother confessed to giving her daughter water before leaving the apartment for around 10 minutes. When she returned, her daughter wasn’t breathing. Aisha panicked, wrapped the child up in trash bags and hid her in the duffle bag. Later on, she called 911 and fabricated the story about her daughter wondering off.

The suspect had three other children that were in her custody at the time of her arrest. All the youngsters were under three-years-old. They have all been temporarily placed in the care of child welfare officials because their father is also currently in jail.