An internal investigation has been launched after video of an officer in Cobb County, Georgia, arresting a 12-year-old rapper surfaced online. The video is receiving strict scrutiny from the public. Many online accounts commented on the unnecessary harshness towards the youngster.

The 12-year-old in the video was recognized by many because he made an appearance on the Ellen Show in 2017 to showcase his talents as rapper Lil C-Note. The officer in the video, who was working part-time for mall security, is seen forcefully holding onto the 12-year-old’s arms while threatening to send him to jail. The boy’s aunt was clearly upset about the situation, so she began filming the incident on camera. The Cumberland Mall cop became enraged and reportedly got into a physical altercation with the woman. Both Lil C-Note and his aunt were ultimately arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, which is a misdemeanor in the state.

Mike Register, the Cobb Police Department’s Chief, confirmed that the incident is under investigation after the video became viral online. According to police, Lil C-Note has been warned in the past at least twice not to sell his CDs inside the Atlanta Mall. In addition, the department has reportedly received “countless” phone calls complaining about the youngster selling his CDs. The mall considers the 12-year-old’s act of selling CDs on their property as trespassing. Mike Register confirmed that he doesn’t believe his officer did anything wrong at this time. Register explained that prior to the beginning of the viral video, the 12-year-old reportedly tried to push, punch and bend the officer’s finger’s backwards. That part of the ordeal wasn’t shown online.