A mother from Indiana who reportedly suffered from post-partum depression has been arrested for neglecting her three-month-old infant, which ultimately led to the toddler’s death.

Both the mother and child had disappeared together on March 4th. Rachel McAfee, the child’s mother, was reportedly meant to bring the youngster to a relative’s home before going into work for a meeting. According to Rachel’s husband, she never arrived at the relative’s house. Rachel’s husband became increasingly concerned, and he eventually decided to reach out to the authorities. Investigators quickly put together a missing person’s report, and the search began.

On March 5th, a resident of Sandford Court phoned the police when they noticed an unfamiliar vehicle parked in the neighborhood. He requested that officers come out and check out the car. When they did, police discovered Rachel McAfee and her daughter, Emma. The baby was unresponsive, so medics were called out to the scene. Tragically, the youngster was pronounced deceased. Rachel was transported to a local hospital for treatment of “cold-related” injuries. Police have yet to identify the child’s cause of death, but an autopsy is currently underway.

The police were made aware of Rachel’s alcoholism and severe depression by her husband. Just a week prior to her disappearance, officers had been called to check on her emotional welfare. Once she was released from the hospital, police decided to pursue charges of neglect of a dependent against McAfee.

It remains unclear what led the mother to drive her car to an unknown neighborhood, park her car, and remain there for nearly 24 hours.