Police Sergeant Jesse McCord has been arrested after getting into a public argument with his son at a local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. The father and son were having a heated discussion while drinking alcohol that ended when the officer reportedly reached out and attempted to strangle his son.

McCord was working as a Sergeant within the Tecumseh Police Department, and he was enjoying the night with his family and friends at the Buffalo Wild Wings. At some point during the night, an argument broke out when discussions turned to the subject of marijuana. The Police Sergeant became increasingly belligerent after several drinks. His son calmly explained that the family should leave the restaurant because several children were nearby and could hear them arguing. McCord allegedly screamed profanities at his son before jumping out of his chair. He ran over to his son, put his hands around his neck and began to strangle him.

Witnesses called the police, and McCord’s son was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Sergeant McCord was arrested and charged with assault and battery. He was immediately transported to the Pottawatomie County jail, but he was later released on bond. Last year, Sergeant McCord was named officer of the year, but now he has been placed on administrative leave from the department.

Unfortunately, the officer was also under the influence of alcohol when the attack occurred. Several individuals are criticizing the department and the Sergeant for condoning alcohol consumption but demonizing marijuana use.