John Wetteland is a well-known baseball star who earned his fame by being the MVP in the 1996 World Series game. He is also a three-time MLB star. Prior to a few days ago, he was considered a good ole’ American role model.

The man’s image, however, has now been completely shattered after he was arrested on horrific child sexual abuse charges. According to initial reports, the child involved was under 14 years old.

On January 9th, the Texas Department of Family Services contacted the police department in Bartonville, Texas. They explained that a child had told them about a sexually abusive situation they had gone through, and she had identified her perpetrator.

The victim, who is an unidentified relative of Wetteland, alleges that he was sexually abused at least three times over a two-year period. The abuse began when he was only four-years-old. Wetteland reportedly forced the youngster to perform sexual acts on him beginning in 2004. He reported that all the incidents occurred at the Wetteland residence.

He didn’t initially report the ongoing sexual abuse because he was a toddler at the time. Now, he has finally come to terms with what happened to him, and he is seeking justice. The victim has not been publicly identified.

Upon hearing the reports, police promptly issued an arrest warrant for the suspect. Wetteland was apprehended and charged with one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child younger than 14. He was later released on a $25,000 bond.