Carlos Deangelo Bell was just sentenced by a US District Court judge. He received a sentence of 105 years for charges of child pornography and sexual abuse.

This disturbing case involves a former Maryland coach who victimized dozens of children. Reports indicate that Bell assaulted at least 24 students, and he intentionally attempted to spread the HIV virus to innocent children. He was previously indicted on 206 counts including 12 counts of child sexual abuse, child pornography and assault. Authorities noted that Bell’s victims ranged between 11 and 17 years old.

Prior to being arrested, Bell worked at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School in Waldorf, Maryland as an instructional assistant. He also worked at La Plata High School as a track coach. Prior to this, Bell had been employed at JP Ryon Elementary School and McDonough High School.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Department reports that at least seven middle school students were identified in child pornography videos obtained by police. By October of 2017, authorities had found 28 identified victims and 14 additional unidentified and alleged victims. They are actively searching for more victims of this heinous criminal.

Court documents indicate that the school coach would willingly and intentionally entice children to perform in sexual activities for the purpose of creating videos. One of Bell’s victims formally filed a $1 million lawsuit against Bell in November.

Facing multiple charges, Bell decided to plead guilty to 27 charges relate to child sexual abuse. This plea agreement will save 42 unidentified victims from testifying in court.