An Elementary school principal from Florida has been arrested by local police after reports surfaced that he allegedly stole nearly $900 from the family of a nine-year-old disabled student.

The ordeal began on October 22nd when the student reportedly brought $2,100 of his parent’s money to school with him. Teachers became aware of the situation and were cognizant of the boy’s condition. They immediately counted the student’s money and brought it to the principal’s office.

The principal, Edward John Abernathy, supposedly counted and verified the money before filing it away in his desk. Witnesses confirmed that all of the money was placed in the location. According to the suspect, he later moved the money to a hidden location in his office. It was placed inside of a speaker atop a shelf until the boy’s mother arrived at the school to collect her cash.

The boy’s mother came to the school on October 26th to collect her money. The principal reportedly gave her the cash, but she realized it was only $1,200 when she returned to her vehicle and counted it. Later, she contacted her son’s teacher to verify the amount she discovered with her son. When she realized that there had not been a mix-up on the initial amount, she decided to contact the sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff’s Department conducted an investigation. They reported that the principal changed his story several times. He was ultimately arrested and taken to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center, but he was later released on a $2,000 bail. He is being charged with grand theft. As his case is being investigated, he will be place don paid administrative leave from his position with the elementary school.