One Clovis father’s worst nightmare became a reality when he realized his daughter was receiving disturbing sexually charged messages from an older man. The father, Todd Thomas, is being praised by both the public and police for handling the situation with class. The protective dad was able to non-violently place the suspect under a citizen’s arrest until authorities were able to deal with the situation.

This situation became apparent to Todd Thomas when he found his 14-year-old daughter with a cellphone back in March of 2017. He doesn’t allow his children to have cellphones, so he immediately began investigating where she could have obtained one. Thomas and his wife were horrified when they discovered a 42-year-old man she had met through an app called Whisper had purchased the device for her.

The 42-year-old suspect, Hugo Rabson, instructed the young girl to keep the cell phone in a hollowed-out book at home. He used the cell phone to send the teenager sexually fueled messages and requested that the victim call him “Daddy Sugar.”

Upon learning about the messages, Thomas was enraged. He told news reporters that his first instinct was to “beat the guy with a baseball bat.” Rather than becoming violent, however, Thomas came up with a plan. He posed as his daughter and asked the 42-year-old to meet him. Thomas brought along a friend as backup, and together they initiated a citizen’s arrest and public shaming. They recorded the interaction with Rabson and posted it to social media while they called police. Clovis Police successfully arrested the suspect and charged him with arranging to meet with a minor for lewd behavior. While the suspect has pleaded not guilty, the father still has a record of all the text messages he sent to his daughter.