Over the past several years, the “Me Too” movement has empowered victims of sexual abuse to speak out against their abusers. Many of those who were abused have touted the cries that “Time is Up” for these abusers, yet many of these alleged sexual deviants have yet to face true justice.

This appears to be the case for the infamous sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. The details surrounding Epstein’s abuses becoming public was one of the main contributing factors that initiated the “Me Too” movement, but now he has reportedly been given a “non-prosecution agreement” that allowed him to get off with only 13 months of jail time. He was also given a settlement that will prevent victimized women from ever testifying against him in the courtroom.

Incredibly, the Floridan attorney who agreed to the deal was none other than Alexander Acosta, who is now the current secretary of labor. Once the deal became public, concerned citizens promptly expressed their outrage. At least 16 Democratic Senators, including Tim Kaine and Patty Murray, have signed a letter and sent it to the Department of Justice urging that an investigation into this agreement be initiated immediately. One statement within the letter stood out that explained, “We are deeply concerned by Mr. Epstein’s horrific, serial abuse of children.” Later on, the letter reads that Epstein was given “the deal of a lifetime.” As an added slap in the face to victims, any and all “potential co-conspirators” have been granted immunity from prosecution. High-profile politicians such as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew of Britain have been implicated in the scandal, but with the new deal, it’s very unlikely that any of the information related to their involvement will ever become public. Despite the outrage, the Justice Department has not yet offered a response.

Epstein’s abuses are horrific and mind boggling. According to police records and court documents, the suspect often recruited young, underage girls into sexual slavery.