Nataliia Karia, a 43-year-old former day care provider, has finally faced a judge for her alleged crimes back in November of 2016. Karia has remained in police custody since the original incident.

Back in 2016, a customer of Karia’s childcare was coming to drop his son off for the day when he found something disturbing. A young 16-month-old toddler was hanging from a noose while the suspect was nearby seemingly distraught. The witness immediately rushed over to save the boy who was injured but alive.

As the witness saved the youngster, Karia fled her home in her minivan. In her desperate state of mind, the suspect slammed into a bicyclist. The pedestrian was severely injured and required a metal rod in his leg to avoid amputation after the accident. Karia did not stop. A few moments later, she ran her minivan into another car. The vehicle was being driven by a pregnant woman. At this point, police were already attempting to stop Karia.

Eventually, Karia stopped her minivan at a highway overpass. She was preparing to kill herself by jumping when police interfered and deescalated the situation. She was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, criminal vehicular operation and attempted murder. She has spent the last 20 months in jail. During her recent court appearance, she pled guilty to all charges.

The suspect explained to the court that her actions that devastating day were in large part caused by an increasingly unwell mental state induced by her abusive husband. Her son confirmed to the court that his mother had been abused and was experiencing suicidal thoughts leading up to the incident, but her husband would not allow her to get help for her mental state. The judge ultimately decided that the suspect was at a “low risk” for reoffending in the future, so she has been sentenced to probation, electronic home monitoring and mandatory mental health treatment.