Arrest of Juvenile in Sacramento Sparks Outrage

SUSPECT: 12-year-old minor (name withheld due to age)



THE DETAILS: The community of Sacramento has rallied behind a 12-year-old black male who was arrested last month by police. Video of the arrest went viral after authorities were forced to place a spit mask over the youngster’s head. After the ordeal, the child admitted to spitting on an officer and attempting to kick another. He claims he did this in response to the officers throwing him to the ground. In the video, the boy can be heard yelling, “I can’t breathe!” Many advocates remember these same last words from the mouth of Eric Gardner, whose death largely contributed to the founding of Black Lives Matter. After investigating the situation, the district attorney has decided not to press charges against the officers because they followed proper protocol.


Arrest Made After 13-Year-Old Dies at Hospital

SUSPECT: Carlos Rivera

CHARGES: Distribution of drugs to a minor, indecent assault and battery on a child


THE DETAILS: On May 20th, a 13-year-old girl was dropped off at an Emergency Room in Massachusetts. The youngster, later identified as Chloe Ricard, passed away a short time later. Authorities investigating the incident learned that Chloe had been dropped off at the hospital by another teenager under the direction of the 47-year-old suspect. The two minors had allegedly been spending the day at the suspect’s apartment. An autopsy is currently being conducted.


Authorities Arrest Subway Brake Bandit

SUSPECT: Isaiah Thompson

CHARGES: Train surfing


THE DETAILS: Over the past several months, commuters in New York have continuously suffered from subway delays. Why? According to authorities, some prankster has been intentionally pulling the emergency brake on several trains. He successfully pulled off his stunt at least 40 times, which caused delays to at least 700 trains. Upon the suspect’s arrest, he confessed to his crime citing the “thrill” of bringing the trains to a halt. Now, authorities are considering banning the suspect from the transit system completely.


Police Department and Wanted Fugitive Converse on Facebook

SUSPECT: Jose Simms

CHARGES: Seven current arrest warrants for failing to appear in court


THE DETAILS: We’ve all seen the social media promises. Someone promises to make a change in their life if they get a set amount of ‘likes.’ How many people who make these promises actually keep them? Connecticut Police officers are learning the hard way that most of these promises go unfulfilled. According to authorities, the department conversed with the suspect through social media. The two reached an agreement that the fugitive would turn himself in if the post received over 15,000 likes. The post went viral and surpassed the goal, but the suspect still has yet to turn himself over to the authorities. Despite that, Connecticut Police are upholding their decision to make a deal because the story has gotten a lot of exposure. Now, more tips and leads are coming in, and the suspect’s arrest is more likely.


Suspect Accused of Burying Mother in Backyard to Receive Her Benefits

SUSPECT: Daniel Shannon

CHARGES: Fraud, improper disposal of a body


THE DETAILS: When an Arizona man’s 97-year-old mother passed away, he devised a scheme that would allow him to continue receiving her Social Security checks and Veteran’s Affairs benefits. Instead of reporting her death, he decided to conceal it by burying her in the backyard. Neighbors became suspicious when they didn’t see the victim after December. By April, the authorities were alerted. The suspect initially tried to convince police that his mother had disappeared on December 21st but that it wasn’t the first time she’d left home for months. Despite his initial denial, the suspect eventually admitted to the truth and was arrested for his crime. Detectives uncovered the victim’s body buried in the backyard of the home after executing a search warrant.