Several middle school students have raised serious concerns about their teacher which prompted the Atlanta Public School board to conduct an investigation into the teacher’s behavior. 

Nicolas Alarcon, the 37-year-old teacher, allegedly requested that his students refer to him as ‘daddy’. According to reports, he also referred to himself in this manner. Investigators began looking into the behavior of Alarcon and interviewing students. Anonymously, 20 different seventh graders wrote handwritten statements confirming the teacher asked to be called “daddy”, and these actions made many students feel very uncomfortable. 

The teacher was hired back in 2008, but investigators also determined that he failed to disclose a significant arrest on his job application. Students from the school had found Alarcon’s mugshot from his 2007 arrest for aggravated battery online. Alarcon notified the Sutton Middle School principal about his arrest record only when students began passing around the mugshot on social media. 

Alarcon argued against all allegations being hurled towards him. In a statement to investigators, he did admit to once saying the phrase “daddy is not happy” when several students neglected a homework assignment, but he argued that it was a singular incident. The teacher told the district in a written statement that he believed his prior arrest had been expunged years prior, and he had been advised by his legal team not to disclose the arrest on future job applications. This fact, he argues, is what led him to omit the arrest from his teaching application. 

Alarcon has been placed on a temporary reassignment pending the results of the investigation. He has asked the district to allow him to return to teaching, and he has appealed the district’s recommendation for a two-day unpaid suspension period.