Taheerah Ahmad, an Oklahoma mother, was arrested on May 16th for egregious crimes against her own children. Her abusive ways were revealed when her 9-year-old daughter was able to escape and tell authorities her story.

According to the child, Ahmad held her 11-year-old, 9-year-old and 8-year-old hostage for about a week while withholding life-sustaining resources like food and water. The girls were told they would be stabbed if they ever attempted to leave their rooms without permission. On Monday night, the mother reportedly became enraged at the way her 11-year-old was looking at her. In response, she gagged and bound all three daughters. She began attacking the eldest sibling, so the 8-year-old helped the 9-year-old escape.

When authorities arrived at the residence, they discovered the house was on fire. They found the 11-year-old in critical condition. She had been stabbed somewhere between 50 and 70 times before being struck in the head with a pick-axe. The 8-year-old and mother were no where to be found.

An Amber Alert was issued for the young girl. Thankfully, two women, Anastasia Brazendeh and Emily Wilson, reported the mother’s black Lexus to authorities after realizing it was the car and child described in the alert. Authorities promptly responded to the parking lot where they arrested Ahmad and secured the youngster. The Police Department has praised the two women for their crucial contribution in solving this case and saving the child.

Ahmad is being charged with arson, child abuse and assault and battery with the intent to kill. All three children have been placed in the custody of the Department of Human Services.