Shoppers from around the nation flock to Walmart stores because the versatile merchandise can usually take care of any need a shopper may have. In a bizarre incident on Monday, one 81-year-old man attempted to visit his local Port Orange Walmart in hopes of purchasing a human child.

He was quickly reported to police and arrested when he approached a mother who was shopping with her eight-year-old daughter. The mother and daughter were sitting inside the store on a bench when the man came and set next to them. He questioned the mother on her marital status and then began negotiating a price for her daughter. The suspect allegedly offered Tracy Nigh, the mother, $200,000 for the eight-year-old. Tracy furiously refused and went to leave. The suspect then grabbed the child’s arm and kissed her wrist.

Tracy was furious and quickly rushed over to Walmart security who promptly contacted the local police. Police arrived and reviewed the store’s CCTV footage. The evidence backed up the mother’s story. Investigators promptly identified the suspect by reviewing the suspect’s credit card transaction at the store and by utilizing social media. Further investigations revealed that other victims have had similar experiences with the suspect.

The 81-year-old suspect, Hellmuth Kolb, was arrested and charged with battery and false imprisonment. He was taken to Volusia County Jail, but he was later released when he met bond. A judge has ordered the suspect not to contact the victims. News reporters attempted to reach out to Kolb, but the suspect alleged that he didn’t know why he was arrested before slamming the door.