Raymond Reinke, a 55-year-old, got his fifteen minutes of fame this week when he was the star of a viral video, but the internet sensation was quickly apprehended by police when they caught wind of the video stunt.

Reinke had been visiting the Yellowstone National Park on July 31st when a large, majestic bison began making its way across the street in front of him. In the viral video, Reinke can be seen outside of his vehicle taunting the creature. He continues to goad, gesture towards and lunge at the massive animal as it turned its back and continued down its path. The animal was moving away from Reinke until he gestured at the animal again while pointing and flexing his muscles. The enraged bison started to charge at Reinke, but he continued to harass the animal. Eventually, the bison put down his horns and aggressively pursued the tourist.

Reinke can be seen running away, and the animal also backed away from the confrontation. While no one was hurt in the incident, people are outraged at the man’s recklessness. Dan Wenk, the superintendent of Yellowstone, confirmed that Reinke’s actions were both dangerous and illegal. Tourists are required to stay at least 25 yards away from the national park’s elk and bison populations when possible. These rules are in place to protect both human tourists visiting the area and the animal population who considers the park their home.

A warrant was issued for Reinke’s arrest, and authorities eventually caught up with him while he was visiting Glacier National Park in Montana. He is being charged with keeping an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, disturbing wildlife, public intoxication and unreasonable noise.