At least three suspects are in police custody after hatching a plan to steal a baby horn shark from an aquarium exhibit. The three conspired to visit the popular San Antonio Aquarium, take the baby shark from an exhibit and bring it home to raise it as a pet.

When the aquarium’s staff members noticed one of their beloved animals missing from their exhibit, they immediately alerted security who reviewed video footage of the day. Security was astonished to see one brazen man walk up to the exhibit and simply scoop the creature out without alerting anyone around him. Further analysis of the footage revealed that the two men and one woman had snuck into the aquarium through the back entrance, and they had brought along a baby stroller to help conceal the shark.

One aquarium staff member noticed the three acting suspiciously. As the three made their way outside with the shark in the stroller, the staff member confronted them. She noticed water leaking from the stroller, but the three suspects refused to allow her to search the vehicle. Instead, she took down the license plate number from the vehicle they were in and provided the information to the police. This information led them to the home of the main suspect.

Officers from the Leon Valley Police Department were astonished when they reached the suspect’s home. The horn shark was found alive and well living in a “mock-up” of the aquarium. It was very clear that the suspects knew how to care for the animal. Despite this, the 38-year-old man was charged with theft. The shark has safely been returned to its exhibit.