Back on August 15, 2016, the entire country was completely shocked by the reports of a “face-eating” murder being captured in Florida. The suspect had reportedly been caught literally eating the flesh away from two victims he had stabbed to death. Initially, reports spread that the suspect was likely under the influence of the dangerous street drug Flakka, but toxicology reports later disproved this claim.

Now, a forensic psychologist tasked with compiling a mental health report for the suspect has come forward with his findings. He believes the suspect, Austin Harrouff, honestly believed he was a “half-dog, half-man” hybrid at the time of the attack. Harrouff reportedly believed he had supernatural abilities. It’s also apparent that at the time of the attack the suspect was suffering from Bipolar I Disorder. He was likely experiencing an acute manic episode with psychotic features.

Statements from the suspect’s family appear to back up the psychologist’s report. The suspect’s sister confirmed that in recent weeks the suspect had begun sleeping near her instead of at his own apartment out of fear. He had also purchased a knife the day prior to the attack. His sister also confirmed that Harrouff believed he could run at super speeds, and at one point he wandered off into the bushes. When questioned, he said he was going to “be one with the animals.” In the days following the attack, he also insisted on sitting in the backseat area of the car where dogs usually sit.

After Harrouff was stopped by police, he was transported to a hospital. Hospital staff also confirmed that he continued to make howling animal noises while being treated.

These new revelations make it clear that the suspect will likely plead insanity when his trial begins in November.