Florida Cops Shocked When Woman Pulls Alligator out of Pants During Traffic Stop

SUSPECT: Ariel Michelle Marchan-Le Quire

CHARGES: Violations of state wildlife laws


THE DETAILS: When police officers in Florida noticed a blue Chevy truck blow through a stop sign, they thought it would be a typical traffic stop. What they didn’t expect, however, was the woman in the passenger seat to be concealing a nearly foot-long alligator in her pants. Officers became suspicious when the driver, Michael Cody Clemons, told them that he and his passenger had been “gathering” wildlife together. It was soon revealed that the two had about 43 turtles in a nearby backpack. When the officer asked whether or not the couple was carrying anything else, they were shocked to see the woman pull the alligator from her pants leg. Thankfully, none of the animals were injured. Officers seized and released all the wildlife back into their natural habitat. The couple, however, were both cited for violating wildlife laws.


Missing 4-Year-Old’s Stepfather Arrested

SUSPECT: Darion Vence

CHARGES: Tampering with evidence


THE DETAILS: Last week, a Texas father claimed his four-year-old stepdaughter had been abducted from him. Then, investigators discovered evidence of blood inside his apartment. Now, they believe that blood is linked to the missing four-year-old, Maleah Davis. Investigators also found that Vence’s story didn’t add up. He told authorities that his silver Nissan had been stolen during the abduction, yet surveillance video later proved Vence used the same car to take himself and his son to the hospital.


Mom Arrested After Reportedly Drowning 2-Year-Old Daughter

SUSPECT: Linette Warrichaiet



THE DETAILS: On Saturday, a mother from Las Vegas called 911. She reported that her daughter was drowning in the bathtub. As police made their way to the scene, dispatchers instructed the mother to begin performing CPR on the child. A few minutes later, authorities arrived at the scene. It took the mother about two minutes to respond to the door, and when she did, the officers found her daughter was still floating in the bathtub. The mother had failed to listen to the dispatcher and pull the child out of the bath. Authorities rushed to save the child, but it was already too late. Detectives later questioned the mother and began to suspect the drowning was not an accident. The police later confirmed that they had visited the same home earlier the same day to respond to a domestic violence situation.


FL Woman Gets Arrested on Purpose to Detox from Heroin

SUSPECT: Michelle Hildebrandt

CHARGES: Shoplifting


THE DETAILS: If you knew you had a drug problem and needed help, how would you reach out? One woman in Tampa, Florida found herself uninsured and in need of serious help, so she decided to commit a crime in the hopes an officer would arrest her. Then, she planned to detox in jail. She decided to go to a local CVS and begin ripping open different food items and dumping them on the floor. Once officers arrived, she asked them to take her to jail. She ultimately got her wish, and she’s now serving time behind bars. Hopefully, her time there is enough to help her meet her goals.


Suspect Arrested After Machete Attack on Appalachian Trail

SUSPECT: James Jordan

CHARGES: Murder, assault with intent to murder


THE DETAILS: Police have finally apprehended a suspect accused of attacking a hiking couple with a machete. The horrific attack killed one male and left another female victim severely injured. According to authorities, the two unidentified hikers were traveling the Appalachian Trail together when the unhinged man came after them with the weapon. Thankfully, one of the victims managed to send out an emergency notification from his cellphone, which alerted deputies and provided their GPS location. By the time deputies found the injured woman, she’d been forced to walk over six miles in search of help. Sadly, the male had succumbed to his wounds. Authorities promptly identified the primary suspect as James Jordan. He often travels the Appalachian Trail under the nickname “Sovereign.” He’d also been arrested last month for threatening different individuals along the same trail. During the previous incident, Jordan pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to serve probation, but it appears he went right back on the trail.