Three-year-old English bulldog Gus rose to fame when his owners taught him how to skateboard. He was beloved by his family, his neighbors and his community, but one day the animal simple disappeared from his owner’s yard.

Police investigated the situation and found that several witnesses in the neighborhood had seen a suspect with a bulldog that resembled Gus. The investigation led police to arrest Reid Albrecht for the theft. Albrecht was already serving jail time for unrelated charges when he was re-arrested for these new charges. The suspect attempted to convince police that he formally adopted the skateboarding pup, but investigators never found any proof that Albrecht adopted an animal from any of the area’s Humane Societies.

Albrecht was recorded making a phone call from the Hamilton County Jail to his father. During the call, he expressed regret in stealing the bulldog. He asked his father to tell the victims that he would buy them a new dog, but he never mentions what could’ve happened to Gus.

Gus’s family is happy to see police have nabbed a suspect, but they don’t feel like justice has entirely been served. Gus is still missing, and the suspect has not given police any information about where the pup could be. His family continues to search for answers. Gus’s family is offering over $4,000 in reward money for any information that could led them to their pet. They have also created a dedicated Facebook page with several clips of the dog performing skateboarding tricks. The family has also created a hashtag movement entitled #GetGusHome to increase awareness about their family member’s position.