Finding Financial Judgments Using Court Records Online

If you want to know if someone has a financial judgment against them, you can't search every courthouse yourself. A service that provides court records online provides these resources in one place.

Thousands of financial judgments occur in courtrooms around the United States every year. These can range from lawsuit settlements between neighbors and debt settlements between someone and their creditors. With 50 states, thousands of cities and even more judicial jurisdictions, trying to find out if anyone has financial judgments can be exhausting. No one has the time to search every courthouse in the country! That is why companies that provide court records online are a valuable resource. People search court records online when they want more information about a person's background. These people may be in a lawsuit with them, as well. Some people just have a natural curiosity about others and want to know their background. When the Internet boomed in the late 90s, many counties across the United States began listing vital court records online. However, even though financial judgments are public record, many courthouses chose not to list them. Many court clerks were afraid of the costs of defending lawsuits, even though they likely would win in court. Companies that provide court records online are often the only source if you are looking to find out what financial judgments a person may have in their background.  

Court records online can include:

  • A record of a financial judgment that includes a settlement of an unpaid debt or an order to pay back child support. Many car companies and hospitals will sue a person in court in an attempt to collect a past due bill.
  • A judgment against someone who lost a lawsuit. For example, two neighbors have a dispute as to where the property line is between their homes. One neighbor decides to build a fence on the other's property. There is a lawsuit and the fence builder is ordered to pay damages to his neighbor.
  • An employee is injured on the job. His employer refuses to pay workman's compensation and the employee sues. The employee wins a financial judgment for lost wages and legal fees.
Using a service that provides court records online is not difficult. You pay a small fee that allows you to search for the name of the person. If you have some information about the person you are searching for such as their age and last known address, you are more likely to get accurate information. You will then be directed to a page that lists the financial judgments for or against that person. This service saves you time and money if you need to find out what type of financial judgments lurk in a person's background.