Criminal Records Public

Any criminal case which is heard in a US Court will have a court record and the criminal records of an individual may be viewed and accessed by the public. If you are carrying out a private investigation or personal research, you will find that the criminal courts records will contain all the information needed for this purpose. The public can access records relating to all charges, including felonies, misdemeanors and sex offences-the only criminal records which are sealed to the public are juvenile records. The court records will contain vital information, such as the full names of the plaintiff, defendant and the attorneys and addresses. The criminal records database contained on the Court Records website is one of the most widely used public records in the United States and in addition, Court Records are a recognized and trusted resource to obtain online records and which allows information seekers to obtain instant access to multiple data sources, which allows them to find the criminal records needed from thousands of sources, both public and private, instantly and conveniently.

Our services allow criminal records to be obtained from courts within most states ranging from Alabama to Wyoming and we have designed our website to cater for easy access to criminal court records for public viewing. Our services are utilized by many individuals and companies who make use of the records for verification purposes, such as verifying if a finance is divorced or many use our site for finding lost relatives. To begin a search on criminal records, simply type in the full names, the approximate age as well as the state and instantly, a possible match of the criminal records for public viewing will be displayed. Previously, there were restrictions to gaining criminal records, and often the public did not carry out their search in the correct place, but since the Courts Records website has court records for all courts, including federal, state, county and local, finding the information which is required is far easier and far more convenient.

There are various reasons behind the need for an individual to access criminal records for public viewing, which may include trying to gather information or attempting to obtain additional information about a criminal case that has been brought against a friend or relative. The criminal records contain comprehensive information, such as a plaintiff's maiden name or alias and even possible neighbors of the plaintiff during the time of the court case, as well as property ownership. In order to view our site functions, take a moment to browse the Courts Records website at, and gain access to criminal records of all public courts in the country. However, before attempting to search for criminal records or public court records, be sure to go through the United States Court System organization link, which is displayed on our site, and which contains tips on how to best carry out a search for criminal records in public courts.