Court Records Search - Access for Your Own Safety

A Court Records Search reflects all the information on the history of crimes committed as well as civil court cases, including details of the individuals involved. These details can be valuable to you in protecting yourself from those who have the potential to harm you.

There are court records available to you through a Court Records Search which can furnish you with information that you need to know about someone who has crossed your path. This person could be a friend or an acquaintance, a neighbor, a relative or someone you have run across that you simply don't trust.

Statistics from the Justice Department indicate that there is no let up in the number of crimes committed in this country with an increase in 2007 of 2% from the previous year. The Court Records Search will provide you with all the information on an inmate's criminal history, including present charges, if the criminal case is still pending, as well as civil court details and case status. You may want to authorize a Court Records Search for any number of reasons.

Today, there is a fail-safe way to get the information you need about an individual. Simply, log onto the foremost public records retrieval firm on the Web,, authorize a Court records Search, and you will acquire the information instantaneously with discretion and anonymity.  

The staff of will search its database that contains well over hundreds of thousands of County Court Records. Within minutes of authorizing a Court Records Search, you'll receive the following information on that inmate:

  • Full Name of Inmate
  • Date of Birth of Inmate
  • Warrant Listings
  • Arrest Records
  • Conviction Records
  • Central Booking Information
  • Distinguishing Marks or Physical Characteristics
  • Penal Code and Nature of Offense
  • Description of the Offense
  • And More
With this information legally available for you and just as easily accessible, don't gamble on your safety and welfare. Don't allow a predator to take advantage of you. Authorize a Court Records Search before it's too late! Suppose a new neighbor has just moved on your block, and you and your spouse have started a friendship with this guy. He says that he is handy, and would be happy to fix a cabinet door in your kitchen. Since he volunteered his services, you invited him for dinner. After dinner, you took him on a tour of your house. He seemed particularly interested in the electronics in your home, and asked questions about your security alarm system. Yesterday, Phyllis, your next-door neighbor, informed you that the handyman, whom you haven't heard from for a week, was arrested. This set an alarm off in your head, and you wanted to substantiate the information Phyllis furnished you.