Court Record – Your Rock–Solid Safety Net

The statistics on the number of prisoners housed in Federal and state prisons and in county jails over the past decade are staggering. People can protect themselves against an unsavory individual by accessing a court record review.

A review of court record documents can give you the information you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. There’s an old adage that says that ”a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” This saying supports the fact that, too often, people are misled as to the intentions of others. Some individuals may appear quite honourable at first impression, but we don’t know the whole story about these people unless we have detailed histories of their backgrounds.

Crime has continued to escalate aggregately over the past decade, with an increase in the number of prisoners in confinement in Federal and state prisons, as well as in county jails. The number of prisoners in confinement for the commission of crimes in the United States over the past eight yeas is approaching 3 million.

With crimes statistics reaching unfathomable totals and prisons bursting at the seams with overcrowding, it is no wonder that the average John Q. Citizen is concerned for his or her safety and the welfare of loved ones.

Today, through the wonders of the Internet, we, as citizens, can become our own private investigators by conducting a court record search on an individual through the auspices of criminal records retrieval companies, such as top-rated

The highly trained staff of will search its court record database that contains well over 300 million criminal histories to extract the information you need for your peace of mind and to protect yourself from a potential unsavoury character. These include Federal, state and international court records including:

  • Federal, State and County Court Record Documents
  • Warrant Listings
  • Arrest Records
  • Conviction Records
  • Central Booking Information
  • Inmate Records
  • Sex Offender Listings and Registries
  • And more
The old adage that ”a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” is no longer valid today in retrieving criminal records. A court record search will give us all the knowledge we need to protect ourselves in the highly vulnerable world in which we live. The public needs protection against people who prey against the innocent and good-willed individuals in this country. Years ago, we had no such protection. Sure, we could have hired a private investigator to do the research necessary for our protection. However, the hiring of a private investigator today is an expensive proposition. Thus, many of us are becoming our own private investigators. Perhaps we keep receiving prank telephone calls from the same number, and our caller phone I.D. gives us a name, or we have an acquaintance who just joined our church who has asked us to contribute to a charity she has started. Whatever the situation, a court record check of this individual will give us access to more information then we ever dreamed we could have obtained on this person – information that will afford us the protection we need for our safety and welfare, as well as that of our loved ones.