County Courts – Great Resource for Records Retrieval

The County Courts are overloaded with court cases awaiting further action. County Courts adjudicate cases of both a criminal and civil nature.

There have been close to 3 million criminal convictions nationally since the turn of the century. There are an astounding number of individuals who have perpetrated criminal activity against the good living people in our society. Likewise, we live in a law-suit driven society, and the number of civil cases has escalated exponentially since 9/11

The County Courts have court records on all cases and dispositions filed through its criminal and civil court systems. The databases for the County Courts contain millions of individual records on the offenders, as well as information on liens and bankruptcy in civil court cases.

The County Courts have records that contain information on cases in both the criminal and civil systems. With regard to the cases of a criminal nature, there are two courts of venue that adjudicate these cases, depending on the severity of the charges:

  • Criminal Court – This branch of the county judicial system deals with dockets for charges of misdemeanors, and violations. The distinction in this court is that the sentence for a conviction is less than one year of incarceration or, in lieu of a jail sentence, probation.
  • Supreme Court – This branch of the county judicial system deals with dockets for felony charges. The distinction in this court is that a Grand Jury must have approved the prosecution of these charges under an indictment filed in Supreme Court against the defendant.

The County Courts also have a Civil Court branch that deals with matters of a civil nature, such as law suits, judgments, bankruptcies, liens and things of that nature. There is a plethora of personal information that you can obtain on someone who makes you feel queasy when they are in your presence. There comes a time when you will need to access the public personal history on an individual regarding his or her past, because people don&rsquot like to tell you negative things about themselves. There are excellent record retrieval companies on the Web that offer you their services for just a fraction of the cost of hiring a private investigator. One of the best resources for personal information about an individual can be obtained by authorizing a County Courts search. A County Courts search will cover the millions of files on people with histories of a criminal and/or a civil nature, and it will provide a comprehensive file on the background of the person in question. So, don’t ever be in the position in which failure to take some action will result in placing you, your family, and your assets in jeopardy. Authorize a records search of the County Courts system, and give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.