Types of Civil Court Records

Civil court records include divorce records, business disputes and family matters. Because each judicial jurisdiction has different ways of handling civil court cases, an online records search is the easiest way to find the information without spending a lot of time.

Civil court cases are settled in many courts. In some jurisdictions, these cases are settled by magistrates. In others, these cases are settled by superior court judges. Many property and business disputes are settled in federal courts. Trying to find civil court records is a daunting task if you don’t know where the case was heard.

An online records search can direct you if you need information on a civil court case. You will be able to learn where the case was heard, when it was settled and in some cases, the amount of the settlement if money was involved. You basically need to know the name of the parties involved and if possible, the attorneys who handled the case.

  • Divorce records. These are the most familiar civil cases. These records can include information about the income of both spouses, the settlement terms and if anyone was awarded child support or alimony. Since the information may involve children, some of the information may be withheld in an online record search.
  • Records of lawsuits between individuals. John Doe thinks his neighbor’s new swimming pool is on his property line. He sues in civil court and the judge decides where the property line is and if any damages should be awarded.
  • Lawsuits between businesses and business partners are filed in civil court. For example, Billy and Joe were in business for 20 years when they decide to part ways. They can’t agree on how to split the assets, so a suit is filed to determine the split.
  • A record of suits between creditors and debtors. Mortgage companies, automobile financing companies and banks have sued to recoup money loaned to debtors. The settlements are listed in civil court records. Foreclosures are included. Most of these financial court decisions can be found in an online records search.
  • Adoptions. These are civil court records are usually filed in juvenile court and are often sealed. However, some states unseal the records after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • Workman’s compensation and auto accident settlements are handled in civil court. Often these cases don’t go to trial and are worked out between the parties and the agreement is signed by a judge.