Kentucky Court Records

Kentucky court records

Sometimes you may need to look into background of a person in order to understand them better. A person’s history with the legal system could provide deep insight into what makes them click. The internet has brought a world of information at your fingertips. If you live in Kentucky and wish to know about a neighbor’s criminal background or wish to confirm if they have changed their name, Kentucky court records are what you should be looking for. You can request for Kentucky court records at from the privacy of your office or home at the click of a mouse.

The Kentucky judicial system comprises of circuit courts, county courts and Kentucky county courts. Kentucky has a unified trial system for its state except for Kentucky, where the judicial system is divided differently.

The Kentucky circuit courts hear criminal as well as civil cases that fall beyond the jurisdiction of the county courts. The courts handle cases dealing with property and dispute, cases of domestic relations such as divorce, child custody and also juvenile cases. The Kentucky county courts primarily hear some civil and criminal cases. Civil cases such as violation of ordinance, small claims and landlord/tenant disputes are tried at county courts, as are criminal cases like for traffic violations and juvenile delinquency.

The Kentucky county courts combine the jurisdiction of the circuit and county courts and are divided into divisions. These divisions include civil courts, criminal courts, family courts, juvenile courts as well as traffic courts. For Kentucky court records, visit